Will Ram Mandir Politics Continue Till 2024?

Will Ram Mandir Politics Continue Till 2024?

Finalising the date of Ram Mandir Bhoomi pujan (August 5) has delivered to an in depth one among the longest-ever religious, social and judicial battles in India, one that has gone on for as many as 134 years. However, what remains 1,000,000 dollar question is, whether the top of the long drawn battle also will bring an end to the politics of faith , that was often played within the name of the Ram temple, and was instrumental in determining the political destiny of the country generally , which of Uttar Pradesh especially .

The ruling BJP party and its allies are employing the Ram Mandir issue in most the elections, may it’s the State or the Centre. With August 5 decision, wouldn’t it be a surprise if the mandir rhetoric continues till 2024 when Prime Minister Modi will need to seek a fresh mandate from the people? The remark i do know is in poor taste, but serves the aim . What one seems to possess overlooked is that the remark also ostensibly serves the ulterior designs of the lumpen element within the right-wing Hindutva forces, who more often than not, are trying to find such cues to spread their venom with a view to promoting their politics of polarization.


Some BJP insiders however need to contend that the choice may now take the Ram temple issue out of the BJP election manifesto – be it for UP or the national elections. But wouldn’t it not be too naïve to believe that? Now that the Narendra Modi government has been formally entrusted with the task of fixing the Ayodhya temple, they need all the chance to maneuver heaven and earth to systematically push the saffron brigade’s own political agenda via the temple, in several parts of the country.


Further, since UP state assembly elections are due in early 2022, it might be quite easy for a hardcore Hindutva leader like CM Yogi Adityanath to stay the temple fire burning. whilst he has sobered down tons since he rode on to don the chief minister’s mantle 30 months ago, he’s still quite adept at the art of keeping rhetoric alive within the name of Ram. And there’s no reason why it might not work to influence the minds of voters when he gets right down to spreading the word that ‘we have kept our word to create the Ram temple at Ayodhya’.


If the unreflective elements in BJP, VHP or other right-wing groups have avoided vociferously celebrating the bhoomi pujan the credit must attend none aside from PM Modi. Back within the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas karyashala (workshop), neatly carved out stone blocks are stacked and waiting to offer shape to a grand Ram temple. consistent with artisans performing on these stones, the already carved and sculpted stone pieces are enough to finish the bottom floor of the proposed two story temple that a sandalwood model was duly prepared by the Nyas (trust) several years ago. it’s placed quite prominently at the doorway of the karyashala, where pilgrims keep making their offerings.


On the opposite hand, it won’t be an over-exaggeration if we are saying that PM Modi is unlikely to use the ‘temple card’ too blatantly. As a master in showmanship, he would really like to form only subtle references to the temple, while letting loose a number of his select lieutenants to boost the pitch on the temple. it’s also likely that so as to implement the judgment in true letter and spirit, he could take the lead in ensuring the development of the mosque too, aside from the temple.

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Also, looking back, it’s clearly evident that the Ram mandir issue acquired relevance within the politics of the country generally , and UP especially, largely since 1986. Now, the mandir has come to the fold and is probably going to mark the return of the BJP with an enormous bang. Such a move would be sure to enhance his profile. a number of his supporters believe that such a move could also make him a perfect contender for the Nobel Peace prize. How more far will this continue is left on for time to reveal!