ViewSonic M2 portable projector: Not the most brilliant

ViewSonic M2 portable projector

ViewSonic M2 portable projector: Not the most brilliant

At Rs 92,500, the ViewSonic M2 is a costly purchase and I would mull over suggesting this portable projector.

Some time ago projectors were either found in extravagant homes or in workplaces. Once upon a time, projectors used to order eliteness yet as time went on, these gadgets have gotten adequately portable to convey in your sack. Brands also have understood that there is a business opportunity for super smaller projectors that can project recordings and photographs and work as a Bluetooth speaker. That is the place where the ViewSonic M2 arrives in, an Android-based portable projector that can be every so often utilized for watching films toward the end of the week.

Have been utilizing the ViewSonic M2 for half a month at this point, and here is my opinion on the portable projector.

The portable projector doesn’t appear to be any unique from the Mac Mini. Consider the M2 a more extensive and taller adaptation of a Mac Mini. That implies we are taking a gander at the projector with bend edge development in a smooth, square bundle. The M2 looks exquisite with its copper bronze outside.

At the front, you will discover the projector focal point, which strangely doesn’t accompany a focal point cover. In spite of the fact that ViewSonic gives a top-notch defensive case to protect the projector. Curiously, the M2 accompanies a component called ‘Eye Protect’, because of implanted sensors in the projector. So by some coincidence in the event that somebody comes excessively near the projector focal point, the picture stops briefly.

The M2 brags bounty association ports, including a solitary HDMI v2.0, microSD card, a 3.5mm sound yield, Bluetooth, a USB Type-A port just as a USB Type-C port. The projector upholds Wi-Fi, through a USB dongle provided in the container.

The beneficial thing about the M2 is that it upholds both Chromecast and AirPlay advancements. The projector additionally underpins both Google Assistant and Alexa which let you turn on the M2 and control its various highlights by your voice. The included distant is basic and simple to utilize. In spite of the fact that I wish the far off had some sort of backdrop illumination since right currently it’s difficult to explore with controls without turning on the electric lamp on my iPhone. The center plan issue is that the projector itself has no control catches and in this manner, the client is altogether subject to the distance.

Despite the fact that the M2 doesn’t accompany an underlying battery, it tends to be squeezed from a force bank. However, ensure the force bank underpins Power Delivery (PD) convention yield. When you have the upheld power bank, the projector can be utilized in a hurry.

ViewSonic M2 portable projector audit: What’s acceptable?

Setting up the projector is simple. Position the projector, associate the force link and picture source, point the M2 at the screen, and just turn the force on. There is no Zoom, however, the projector accompanies a movable stand which essentially helps set the point. Additionally absent from the M2 is central control. Despite the fact that the manual choice is there, you need to utilize the controller. The sum total of what you have is Autofocus which works like a camera and is on naturally.

The M2 is a LED-based projector, which means it doesn’t utilize a UHP (super high weight) light. So what’s the serious deal? ViewSonic claims the M2 is evaluated at 30,000 hours in full force mode, or generally around 20 years on the off chance that you watch it four hours consistently. That implies LED-based projectors will probably last more than UHP lights.

While the M2 is a 1080p projector and is likewise 4K and HDR-viable, it’s appraised at just 1200 LED lumens. Most projectors in this reach accompany 3000 Lumens. So the M2 won’t be as brilliant as different projectors yet the picture should be alright in a dim room.

As I saw during my testing, the picture quality fluctuates relying upon how far you are from the screen. In a dim room, I could see the video at sizes up to 80-inches, however, I got the best outcomes when I contracted the picture size to 50-inches.

I won’t state the picture quality is marvelous, however, its video quality is fine for easygoing use. In case you’re searching for a portable projector that is focused on office introductions, and at times for film evenings, the M2 is by all accounts a decent decision. What I truly preferred about the M2 is the manner by which exact the projector is in showing tones. While viewing The Weeknd performing on his new hit single “Blinding Lights” in one of the honor shows, the red suit coat looks red. I should state the M2 can recreate colors well indeed.

On the potential gain, the sound coming from two 3W speakers modified by Harman/Kardon is stupendous. The speakers get truly noisy, and the sound occupies the whole room. You can generally interface with an extra Bluetooth speaker or utilize a couple of earphones for vivid sound.

ViewSonic M2 portable projector audit: What’s awful?

The M2 utilizes an Android-based applications store called Aptoide, and I should let it be known’s disillusioning. You can discover well-known media applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, yet the experience isn’t smooth. To watch YouTube you should download an outsider application. Amazon Prime Video froze on various occasions, and I in a real sense surrendered after a couple of endeavors.


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Another niggling issue I experienced while utilizing the M2 was that at whatever point I attempted to associate my PC or PS4 to the projector utilizing HDMI, the projector didn’t consequently identify the source. The lone choice left before me was to physically check the source utilizing the far off.

ViewSonic M2 portable projector survey: Should you get it?

I won’t state no, yet I won’t state yes by the same token. At Rs 92,500, the ViewSonic M2 is a costly purchase and I would mull over suggesting this portable projector. I concur the M2 is portable and you can convey it in any sack. However, on the off chance that you are somebody who has no arrangement on taking a projector with you wherever you go, I don’t think it bodes well to put resources into a portable projector. Better put resources into a home film projector that conveys strong picture and quality.

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